So, who is this woman?

Whilst I brace myself to start sharing my thoughts here and wonder what sort of reactions I’m going to get, I thought I’d give you a bit of background about myself.

Those who have clicked on the frog photo will have already seen that I’m an Israeli living in England and that I’m Jewish and believe in Jesus. I grew up in Israel in a pretty secular environment, with some Jewish tradition followed at home and around me. I didn’t personally know people who seriously believed in God. My faith journey started when, at the age of 27, I left my country and came to England (long story, not for here and now) and to my great surprise – a surprise seeing as I was a secular agnostic who wasn’t looking for God or for the meaning of life or anything like that – I met God in a church in London.

It was a very wobbly journey from that point until the moment, at the age of 40, back home in Israel, when I finally gave my life to Jesus and was born again of his spirit.

My journey has included various experiences of “doing church”*: Lutheran, Anglican, Messianic Jewish, Baptist, and now I’m a member of an Evangelical free church. I regard myself as a Messianic Jew in the sense that I am a Jewish person who believes in Jesus. I regard myself as an Evangelical Christian in the sense that I am a person who believes in Jesus and who takes the Bible as God’s true word. I am not here to tell you what to believe and what to think, just to share my own thoughts and questions – my tuppence/two shekels’ worth.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

*apologies to those of my fellow Messianics who cringe at this term, I know “church” is not a word we’re all comfortable using. But in the context of this blog I will be using the word “church” in the sense of congregations of believers in Jesus, and in the sense of the body of his believers generally.


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