Sorry, my dear worship leader, but I’m not here to talk to you just now

Let’s have a time of worship, let’s focus on God and sing his praises, because God is worthy of our praises, amen?

Louder, I can’t hear you! Amen?

Sorry, but I won’t play that game. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if you can hear my “amen” or not, I’m not here to interact with you right now, I’m here to interact with God and your job is to enable that. When you demand that I interact with you, you’re not enabling me to worship God, you’re getting in the way.

There is a lovely worship leader whom I know and love dearly and except for this one point, I think he does it really well. Inspired, and inspiring. Except for this one thing. I’ve heard him say “come on, I’m used to people interacting with me” and I thought: just because that’s what you’re used to, that doesn’t mean I have the duty to perform.

Please – let me focus on God, and remember, God doesn’t need me to shout, he can hear me when I whisper, he can hear me when I mouth words silently, he can hear my thoughts without me uttering them.

I’ll be happy to chat with you later, but not in worship time, ok?


3 thoughts on “Sorry, my dear worship leader, but I’m not here to talk to you just now

  1. I agree. Before returning to the Catholic Church I would often feel church services were more of a pep rally than a worship experience. One of the things I love about Catholicism is that the church service, the liturgy and mass, are very worship centered. It is full of awe and respect. It is all about God and Jesus and the phenomenal work that was done for our salvation. The priest is an instrument of the mass not a group leader.


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