or maybe not

So, back in summer I posted a flood warning because I thought I was going to do a bit of a sort-out, picking some posts from my main blog which are more suited to this blog and relocating them.

But then various things happened that made me realise that no, life isn’t all that straightforward and this attempt to compartmentalise just isn’t viable for the blogging I do. While some of my posts are specifically aimed at Christians, many are for a mixed audience. And there are people who are in a blurry space regarding their faith – some who think of themselves as Christians but really need to hear the Gospel and be challenged to repent and be born again (I was that person for over 12 years of my life); some who – oh, I can’t even describe all the varieties I’ve come across, the different blurry places people are at. Bottom line: human beings are complex. and trying to think in terms of Christian readership and non-Christian readership is not that clear cut, so I really need to leave it to God to direct each person to read whatever it is that they need to read.

So I’m retiring this blog, and whatever I have to say is going to all get said in one place – on my main blog. Most of it is not aimed specifically at Christians. Most of it is either for the general public or specifically for non-Christians, but here and there there’ll be the odd post that is specifically aimed at those who share my faith. You’re most welcome to visit.

And my thanks to all who commented and took part in the discussions here. We had some good times!


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