This blog is retired now, but in case you’re curious about the idea behind it, here’s what I explained on my About page when I first set it up:

I’m a blogger, and on my main blog I write about pretty much anything that comes to my mind. Now and again I find I have things to say about stuff that is actually only/mainly relevant to Christians – thoughts I have about the way we do church, about the stuff we sometimes say and what we really mean when we say it, about stuff we say we believe and where we got it from, that sort of thing. I am a person who keeps thinking, wondering, questioning. I hope you will find some of my thoughts and questions helpful.

What’s the laundry got to do with this?
When I was thinking about setting up a separate blogging space for just these issues, I wondered about whether or not it should be public: is it right to air the family laundry where anyone on the internet can see it? (and family is what we are, right? like it or not, if you’re a person who believes in Jesus then you’re my brother or sister.) But I do want all Christians to be able to read this stuff – not just the ones I know personally. And anyway, I think airing our laundry in public can be quite healthy – much better than putting on a show and pretending that we’ve got it all sorted. After all, our message to the world out there is not “look at us, aren’t we great, come and join us” but “look at Jesus, he’s so amazing, he was willing to die to rescue useless idiots [or: imperfect, fallen, sinful people] like us – so there’s nothing to stop you getting in on it too”. So let them see that our clothes get stained just like theirs do. Let them see our imperfections. Let them see that it isn’t about us but about him.



So now you know the original concept I had in mind. For a while I was using it and having some good discussions here, but then I just didn’t feel the need and the Church Laundry blog was sitting here gathering dust. Then I decided to revive it, and transferred some posts from my main blog – and then, as sometimes happens when you’re seeking to obey God and have your ears open to what he has to say, I realised that God doesn’t want me to put too much time and energy into this. So I’ve disabled comments, because I can’t put time and energy into engaging in these discussions any more – but I’m leaving the posts here because they just might be of help to someone.

Feel free to browse. And of course you’re welcome to follow my main blog, where I write about a whole load of different topics – some related to my faith and some not. (Though the faith-related posts there are mainly written for non-Christians.)


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