About Lyagushka (Meirav)

My penguin is mostly harmless.


A few years ago I had an idea. This blog was the result of that idea. But it wasn’t God’s idea – just my own idea, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

At some stage I found I wasn’t using it much any more. At some stage I thought of bringing it back to life. Yesterday I thought: it’s time to do this. I even started transferring posts over from my main blog, and…

No. It isn’t what God wants me to spend time and energy on. I kind of knew it but…

So this is it. I’m leaving the posts as they are but closing down comments. If any of what I’ve written is of use to anyone, that’s great. But I can’t devote time and energy to keeping this up, to engaging in these debates – it’s just not what I’m called to do with my life.



Not in that poor lowly stable

So, you’re a blogger and you’re a Christian, aren’t you going to blog about the real meaning of Christmas and stuff? Aren’t you going to write and remind people to keep Christ in their Christmas celebrations, to remember what it’s all about, to… well, no, not exactly. Continue reading

What do you say? Do you say anything? (and why?)


A comment from a Christian visiting another church: they were so unfriendly there! when they passed the bread and wine for communion, they didn’t say anything! This made me realise how much I’ve got used to the way we do … Continue reading