A Parable

I’ve been going through old creative writing and came across this story, which I wrote five years ago. It was a bit of therapy for me in recovering from a previous church.

As with all allegorical writing, it is not a precise description of the real situation. But I hope some will have the ears to hear what I was trying to say there.


Is God really like that?


There’s a poem that bugs me, it starts something like this: “I woke up early one morning/and rushed right into the day/I had so much to accomplish/I didn’t have time to pray” and goes on to describe a really difficult … Continue reading

Quiet! please….

I went to church yesterday and spent a whole chunk of the service silently weeping, whilst all around me people were singing songs of praise to God.

Yes, I know, God is worthy of praise at all times. Absolutely. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, do you think you could stop preaching at me and listen? and try and understand what it was like for me, and why? Thank you.

So why was I sitting there and weeping silently instead of standing with everyone and singing?

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